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Techniques for the Knee

This Course Meets the CMTBC (EIP) Evidence Informed Practice Standards

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Enhance your Competence, Confidence & Skill Level

This course was designed for those of us looking for a SIMPLER way to treat.

• Be more specific and precise with your palpation
Recognize and effectively treat the meniscus, MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL, popliteus, and more…
Explain “Referred Pain” to your patients according to the Neurophysiological Model
• Learn Ligament Pain Referral Patterns of the Knee

BONUS – Watch 2 FULL Assessments, Treatments, Re-Assessment with full Gait Assessments in real time with 2 Patients with REAL injuries!!!!

One Sample Technique You'll Be Learning

Treatment for Popliteal Fascia

Be The Most Effective!

This is a great way to start a treatment! By combining your assessment and treatment together, not only will you be more time efficient, you can improve your treatment outcomes and your patients’ quality of life.

Your Personal Mentor...

All lessons are delivered online with LIFETIME instant access!

In this course, you get access to 21 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO lessons
(OVER 9.5 HOURS OF CONTENT!) of my most effective techniques for the Knee.

Incorporating the newest research and applying these techniques can dramatically improve your effectiveness and confidence.

You can even play each lesson as you treat your patients – it’s as if I’m in the room with you mentoring you along the way.

You are changing people’s lives, and I want to do the same for you.

Here's What Clinicians are Saying...

Robert’s online courses are the best. As an osteopath, I can attest to the high quality with which Robert presents this material. The quality of his videos, as well as the workbooks, is simply stunning. He also brings in his understanding of the neurology behind this work. As a teacher, I feel very comfortable recommending Robert’s courses with two enthusiastic thumbs up.
Dr. Rockwell
This is definitely what an online course should be. Time and time again my patients are amazed at the relief they get after only one treatment. These are patients that have “tried everything” and nothing works. Rob, you are a game changer!
Jason Dvorak

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Practice at a higher standard and improve your treatment outcomes with evidence-informed research.
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So, Who Am I?

I’m Robert Libbey and I’ve been a Canadian Registered Massage Therapist for over 28 years. I’ve taught thousands of Manual Therapists over the past 25yrs, from new students in college to experienced therapists practicing for decades, to improve their treatment outcomes by using evidence-informed treatment strategies.

Over the past decade I’ve worked with many Medical Clinicians, combining LAST with Prolotherapy, PRP, IMS, TENS and more. I bring this experience to my courses, challenging Manual Therapists to think differently about how they approach joint injuries and conditions.

After countless requests from my peers who wanted to improve their patients’ quality of life with evidence-informed treatment, I decided to release these online courses.

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