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Techniques for the Shoulder
January 30, 2022

Stop chasing the lateral shoulder pain. Learn how dysfunctions medially can contribute to and cause issues in the tissues elsewhere.

Techniques for the Thorax
March 20, 2022

Improve your skill of treating ribs from front to back, the sternum and my most effective Diaphragm treatment technique!

Techniques for the 
May 29, 2022

No one teaches this any more! I designed the course with my most specific and intuitive techniques!

Techniques for the Elbow, Wrist & Hand
July 17, 2022

Carpals can be confusing. Let’s get specific and make connections from the elbow to the wrist and hand.

Techniques for the Hip & Pelvis
September 18, 2022

A course that instructs specific techniques for the hip capsule and simple and effective ways to affect dysfunctions of the pelvis.

Techniques for the Knee, Leg & Foot
November 20, 2022

Let’s create some “Happy Feet!” Achieve a sense of lightness and let’s put some spring back into your patients feet and lower legs.

Techniques for Posture
(A Bioplasticity Perspective)
Date TBD

This isn’t your typical upper/lower crossed syndrome course! That’s so 1980’s! Let’s modernize how we approach posture.